Rosa Rugosa Seeds (Rose hips)

Plant Description:
Rugosa Rose
Rosa Rugosa Rubra
Perennial: Hardy in Zones 3-8
Time to sow: Spring, Early Summer, Fall
Light conditions: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Uses: Ornamental, Culinary, Tea

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Rosa Rugosa Seeds

Rosa rugosa (Rosa rugosa ‘Rubra’) is also known as wild rose, rugosa rose, Japanese rose, and beach rose. It is a very hardy plant and produces large orange-red rosehips. Rose hips are incredibly nutritious fruit that is used to make tea, jellies, and pies. The fruits are very high in vitamin C.

How to Grow Rosa Rugosa

Plant in a sunny location to optimize rose hip production. They prefer fertile, well-draining soil with a pH of 5.6 to 6.5. Fertilize lightly, and try to avoid heavy pruning.

Rosa rugosa seeds require cold treatment (stratification). Cold temperatures will stimulate winter conditions and break the dormancy of the seeds. To accomplish this, you can plant the seeds in the fall before the first frost, and the seeds will come up in the spring – this is both the best and easiest method to use.

A second method is to scarify the seeds (rub the seeds with sandpaper), soak the seeds for 24-48 hours in cold water. Some people use orange juice as it stimulates the seeds being digested. Afterwards, wash and dry off the seeds, and then place them in an airtight ziplock bag or container with moist peat moss or garden soil. Place the bag in the fridge’s bottom for 1-2 months and regularly check for germination. If any of the seeds germinate, plant them immediately. Any of the seeds that haven’t germinated can be planted in small pots.

After the seeds’ stratification, place the seeds in small, growing pots filled with pre-watered soil. A mix of garden soil and peat moss works well. Plant the seeds 1 inch apart, cover with 1/4 inch of soil and place in a sunny location. Be sure to keep the soil moist and never let it dry out, or it can kill the seeds.

When the seedlings have at least two sets of leaves, transplant outside once the risk of frost has passed.

*Photo Credits: By Letartean – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Seed Quantity

150 seeds, 500 seeds


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