Viola Tricolor Seeds


Plant Description:
Viola Tricolor
Heartsease, Johnny Jump Up
Bloom Time: Blooms Repeatedly from Spring to Fall
Biennial: Hardy in Zones 4 to 9
When to sow: Spring, Late Summer, Early Fall
Light conditions: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Uses: Ornamental, Culinary, Medicinal

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Viola Tricolor Seeds

Plant Viola Tricolor seeds to cultivate these enchanting flowers and bring charm to your garden. Also known as Heartsease, Wild Pansy, and Johnny Jump Up, Viola Tricolor is a captivating, versatile flower that showcases a stunning combination of purple, yellow, and white blooms. Perfect for ground cover, borders, or containers, this hardy perennial is both adaptable and low-maintenance, making it an excellent choice for gardeners of all levels. In addition to its vibrant beauty, Viola Tricolor holds a rich history in herbal medicine, adding a fascinating layer of intrigue to this delightful plant. Enhance your outdoor space with the striking appeal of Viola Tricolor, and enjoy its captivating presence season after season.

To learn more about successfully growing pansies, explore our comprehensive guide here: How to Grow Pansies: A Comprehensive Guide.

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