English Thyme Seeds


Plant Description:
English Thyme
Thymus Vulgaris
Perennial: Hardy in Zones 4-9
When to Sow: Spring, Late Summer to Early Fall
Uses: Culinary, Medicinal, Aromatic

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English Thyme Seeds

English thyme is the most popular variety of thyme. It’s a hardy, perennial herb that grows from 8″ to 12″ tall. The plants require very little maintenance and can be grown in most soil types. It is also somewhat drought-resistant.

Thyme is an excellent culinary herb. It pairs well with cheese, eggs, beans, lentils, and tomatoes. It is often used to season meat and blends well in soups and stews.

The essential oil of thyme is used to treat fatigue, depression, headache, respiratory problems and muscular pain. It is used in cough medicine.

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300 seeds, 3,000 seeds


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