French Thyme Seeds


Plant Description:
French Thyme
Thymus Vulgaris
Perennial: Hardy in Zones 4-9
When to Sow: Spring, Late Summer to Early Fall
Uses: Culinary, Medicinal, Aromatic

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French Thyme Seeds

Also known as summer thyme, French thyme is a perennial herb that grows 8″ to 12″ tall. The leaves are narrow and slightly sweeter than English thyme. In cold climates, French thyme will require some winter protection. Once established, French thyme is a hardy plant and easy to maintain.

Thyme goes well with cheese, eggs, beans, lentils, and tomatoes. It is often used to season meat and blends well in soups and stews.

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500 seeds, 1,400 seeds, 4,000 seeds


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