Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea


Plant Description:
Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea
Pisum Sativum
Open-Pollinated, Heirloom
Time to sow: Spring
Light conditions: Full sun
Matures in 60 days

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Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea

Dwarf grey sugar pea is a delicious heirloom variety. The sweet, edible pods grow 2-3″ long—tastes excellent raw or cooked. Plants grow 3′ tall and may require staking. Peas mature in 60 days.

How to Grow Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas

The plants will require support: stakes, trellis, netting, etc. Plant in a location with full sun and well-draining soil. Peas like to be watered regularly but do not like soggy soil. Plant seeds after the last risk of frost has passed. The ideal temperature for germination is 15-25 degrees C. For faster germination, you can soak the seeds for 30 minutes before sowing. Spacing: Sow peas 1″ deep, 3″ apart in rows 12″ apart.

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65 seeds, 100 grams, 500 grams


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dwarf grey sugar peasDwarf Grey Sugar Pea
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