Straight Eight Cucumber Seeds

Organic Straight Eight Cucumber Seeds

Straight Eight cucumber is a very productive vine that produces 20 cm (8”) long cucumbers with no bitter flavour. These cucumbers are great for slicing and eaten fresh, or adding to salads. Can also be used for pickling when they are small. The cucumbers mature in approximately 60 days.

Cucumbers are a very refreshing addition to smoothies, or even juicing. This variety of cucumber is great all around for culinary use. It is very easy to start from seed, just sow the seeds in a sterilized soil mixture approx. 1 cm deep and be sure to keep the seeds and seedlings moist at all times. If the seeds or tiny plants dry out too much they will die. Keep the plants well watered especially in the hot, dry periods of summer. The seeds will come with planting instructions.

Plant Description:
Straight Eight Cucumber
Cucumis Sativus ‘Straight Eight’
Time to sow: Spring
Light conditions: Full sun
Uses: Culinary
Matures: 60 days