Chinese Cabbage Seeds


Plant Description:
Chinese Cabbage
Brassica rapa (Pekinensis) ‘Michihli’
Time to sow: Spring: 2-4 weeks before last frost date, Mid-summer
Light conditions: Full sun to partial shade
Uses: Culinary
Matures: 85 Days

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Chinese Cabbage Seeds (Pekinensis) Michihli

Discover the delightful flavour and crisp texture of Chinese Cabbage (Pekinensis), an exceptional variety perfect for your garden. With our high-quality Chinese cabbage seeds, you can grow this tall, cylindrical vegetable that is cherished for its tender, light green leaves and mildly sweet taste. Michihli is a versatile ingredient in many Asian dishes, from stir-fries and soups to salads and kimchi. Plant these seeds in your garden and enjoy the nutritious benefits and culinary versatility of this beloved Chinese cabbage variety.

For information on how to grow cabbage, please read: How to Grow Cabbage: Your Complete Guide to Success.

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250 seeds, 1,000 seeds, 100 grams


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