Toona Sinensis Seeds

Chinese Toon Seeds

Chinese Toon is also known as Chinese Mahogany or Red Toon. Chinese toon is a very beautiful tree. As a tree it is harvested for it’s very valuable hardwood which is similar to mahagony. Chinese toon is also popular in Chinese as a tree vegetable. When the seeds are sprouted the young leaves and shoots are edible. It is a very nutritious food.

The fruit, bark and roots of Toona sinensis is used medicinally. Some uses are to help treat diabetes and cancer. It may be able to help alleviate lung cancer and prevent or slow it.

Plant Description:
Chinese Toon
Toona sinensis
Perennial: Hardy in zones 6 to 9
Sowing time: Spring, late summer, early fall.
Germination: Moderate difficulty
Uses: Culinary and medicinal