Sweet Basil Seeds


Product Description:
Sweet Basil
Ocimum Basilicum
Annual, Open-Pollinated, Heirloom
Time to sow: Spring, Summer
Light conditions: Full Sun

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Sweet Basil Seeds

Sweet basil is the most used of all basil varieties. It has a robust, aromatic and spicy flavour that goes great with tomato-based dishes. Basil is an easy-to-grow herb that can be used for companion planting. Planting basil near tomato plants will help improve the flavour of tomatoes. Basil will also help attract predator insects that will prey on garden pests.

How to Grow Sweet Basil

Sweet basil loves the heat and prefers the warmer months to grow. Depending on your location, it may be better to start the seeds in late spring to early summer. It can be continually planted throughout the summer. The seeds can be started indoors and then transplanted outside in the warmer months. If starting indoors, choose a sunny and warm location. Sweet basil seeds should be sown .5 cm deep in sterilized potting soil. The soil must be kept moist at all times. It’s essential to have some air circulation in the area to avoid mould and fungus problems.

For more detailed information on growing, please visit our article: How to grow basil.

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