Red Poppy Seeds (Flanders Poppy)


Plant Description:
Flanders Poppy, Red Poppy, Field Poppy
Papaver Rhoeas
Time to sow: Spring, Fall
Light conditions: Full Sun
Uses: Culinary, Ornamental, Medicinal

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Red Poppy Seeds

Transform your garden into a vibrant haven with our red poppy seeds, also known as Flanders poppies, common poppies, or Papaver rhoeas. These striking, easy-to-grow plants are perfect for bringing a bold touch of colour to any outdoor space. Known for their eye-catching, cup-shaped red flowers, these poppies make a stunning statement in sunny locations with well-drained soil. Effortless to grow and low maintenance, red poppies are a captivating addition to borders, meadows, and wildflower gardens.

For information on growing poppies, please read our article here: How to Grow Poppies: From Seeds to Blooms.

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1,000 seeds, 3,000 seeds, 45,000 seeds


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