Gabriella Onion Seeds


Plant Description:
Gabriella Onion
Allium cepa var. cepa ‘Gabriella’
Annual, Heirloom
Time to sow: Spring
Light conditions: Full sun
Uses: Culinary

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Gabriella Onion Seeds

Gabriella onions are large, white fleshed onions with a yellow-brown skin. They grow uniformly up to a 3-4″ diameter. The flavour is mild and sweet, and tastes delicious either raw or cooked.

How to Grow Onions

For onions to grow properly, the soil needs to be loose and well-draining; compact soil will affect the size and shape. Onions are heavy feeders, so be sure to use rich soil and fertilize every month or so. Sow seeds in a sunny location.

After the risk of frost has passed you can directly sow the seeds outdoors. Sow the seeds 1/4 inch deep, spaced 6″ inches and  in rows 12″ apart.

If starting the seeds indoors, sow seeds 4-8 weeks before last frost. The ideal temperature for germination is around 20-30 C. Seedlings can be transplanted outdoors after they have at least two sets of leaves.

Additional information

Weight.003 kg
Dimensions11 × 6.5 × .5 cm
Seed Quantity

60 seeds, 120 seeds


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