California Poppy Seeds


Plant Description:
California Poppy
Eschscholzia Californica
Time to sow: Spring, Fall
Light conditions: Full Sun
Uses: Ornamental, Medicinal

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Orange California Poppy Seeds

Invite a radiant touch into your garden with our orange California poppy seeds. These dazzling, drought-tolerant plants are ideal for adding a warm glow to any outdoor space. Known for their striking, cup-shaped orange flowers, California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) are native to the western United States and flourish in sunny locations with well-drained soil. Effortless to grow and low maintenance, these eye-catching orange poppies make a stunning addition to borders, meadows, and wildflower gardens, creating a captivating visual display throughout the blooming season.

For information on growing poppies, please read our article here: How to Grow Poppies: From Seeds to Blooms.

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350 seeds, 1,500 seeds, 4,200 seeds


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