Garden Seeds

Here is a list of garden seeds available on my store. All of the seeds are untreated with any toxic chemicals. Some of the seeds are organic if stated so in the product details.


Morning Glory seeds

Fruit seeds

Blueberry seeds
Wild Strawberry seeds
Alpine Strawberry seeds
Sea Buckthorn seeds
Goji Berry seeds

Herb seeds

Dark Opal Basil seeds (Purple Basil)
Genovese Basil seeds
Sweet Basil seeds
Thai Basil seeds

Italian Parsley seeds
Moss Curled Parsley seeds

Other Herbs
Anise seeds
Catnip seeds
Greek Oregano seeds
French Dandelion seeds
Lemon Balm seeds
Chia seeds
Viola Tricolor seeds
Wormwood seeds
Chinese Licorice seeds
Red Clover seeds
Summer Savory seeds
Toona Sinensis seeds (Chinese toon)

Creeping Thyme seeds
English Thyme seeds
French Thyme seeds

Vegetable seeds

Buttercrunch Lettuce seeds (Organic)
Oak Leaf Lettuce seeds (Organic)
Red Lettuce seeds (Organic)

Cayenne Pepper seeds (Organic)
Bell Pepper seeds (Organic California Wonder)
Habanero Pepper seeds
Jalapeno seeds (Organic)

Brandywine Tomato seeds (Organic)
Sweetie Tomato seeds (Organic)


Aloe Ferox seeds

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