Corvair Spinach Seeds

Organic Corvair Spinach Seeds

Corvair spinach has succulent oval dark green leaves. It’s a great tasting spinach with a sweet flavour. The plant is fast growing and produces a heavy yield which makes it a great choice for growing at home. Corvair is a cold hardy spinach and does best in the spring or fall. It’s very resistant to downy mildew. Matures in 40 days; baby leaves can be harvested earlier.

Organic spinach is a great choice to grow at home. It is great to use a base in green smoothies, used in salads of course, and even soups, or on pizza. Adding spinach to soups or cooking will greatly increase the bio-availability of it’s nutrition , as spinach has tough cellular walls and the cooking will help break it down. To eat it raw, a blender is a great choice as it will break down the cell walls without any heat destroying some of the nutrients. However you eat it, spinach and other greens such as kale, are among the most nutritious foods to eat.

Plant Description:
Corvair Spinach
Spinacea oleracea ‘Corvair’
When to sow: Spring, fall
Germination: Easy
Matures: 40 days

How to Grow Spinach

Spinach is very easy to start from seed. The seeds should be started in a location with full sun. The plants prefer rich soil that is moist, and well-drained. Space the seeds 3 inches apart and in rows 12 inches apart. Sow seeds half an inch deep into the soil and lightly cover with compost. You can sow the seeds up to 8 weeks before the last frost date. Water the plants moderately each week. Corvair spinach will matures in 40 days. It can be harvested earlier if you prefer “baby spinach”.

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